Saturday, February 26, 2005

More nonstop daily flights to China...

The fight for the Chinese market heats up. What is amazing though is how an airline in Chap 11 can expand. Normally this is counterintuitive. However, International routes are the money makers, and the last thing United needs now is extra competition. It may work to UA's favor after all. United has the jump on the competition in terms of creating the new legacy airline business model. The rumor circling the Denver hub is 20% mainline operation, 40% Ted and 40% United Express. Of course, let me offer this disclaimer. It was once breifed out to us UAX SkyWest guys that a rumour was going around that we might groundhandle Ted. The rumour was going around, because my friend started it on the bus to the employee parking lot! He wanted to see how fast it would spread.


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