Tuesday, March 01, 2005

On with it

I haven't had a chance to write for a couple of days because of work and school, so I'm a little behind. My group in class has been assigned the Colorado Springs Airport (COS). We are supposed to know everything we can about the airport and then be prepared to speak to the class about it for 5 minutes. So how do you learn everything you can about an airport? Step one is to call and ask and step two is the web. Now our group simply has to memorize all of that data, recite the most relevant in class, and be prepared to answer any obscure question that might come our way.


Blogger Max Lamouria said...

I was a little dismayed to see that Price assigned this project to us and gave us only 1 full day to do the research and only 5 minutes to do the presentation. It seems a little unreasonable to me, but I guess we gotta go with the flow.

Our team got assigned Greeley airport. I was actually surprised to find out it was the 3rd busiest GA airport in Colorado with nearly 150,000 operations in 2002. I had no idea they were doing that kind of volume up there.

While the timeline for the project was terrible, it was interesting reading through the airport's master plan. It reads almost like a textbook for the airport.

3:28 PM  
Blogger hulbstar said...

Wow, I was unawasre that Greeley did that kind of volume as well. I wonder why? You would think that maybe a mountain town, or something in Colorado Springs would carry alot of traffic. Maybe it's coming from Ames Jr. College?

6:32 PM  

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